Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cleaning up the Parkway

This grant—and great project—would have probably been better directed to the parents of the homeless children, as getting the homeless involved in cleaning up public space has proven to be a valuable tool for getting people out of homelessness and into a more productive life, as we noted in our policy suggestion in our 2005 research report, The American River Parkway Lower Reach Area: A Corroded Crown Jewel; Restoring the Luster, A Conceptual and Policy Primer (pp. 34-36)

An excerpt from the Sacramento Bee article.

“Not long ago, they were homeless, though they don't much like to talk about that.

“Now a group of young people who live with their families at Serna Village – a housing program at McClellan Park – have decided to help spruce up the American River Parkway.

“Their first step was simply to pick up trash along a one-mile stretch of the river.

“Then they received an $8,000 grant from the parkway foundation to build a family-friendly picnic site at Tiscornia Park, a county park across the Jibboom Street Bridge from Discovery Park.

“Working with the county's Regional Parks Department and Teichert Construction, they plan to pour cement slabs, build wheelchair-accessible walkways and install a picnic table and ash pit. The project is scheduled to be finished in November.”