Monday, August 24, 2009

California Failing, Badly

In a major marker of how well California performs in the business sector, a new report from Pacific Research Institute ranking labor performance, shows us almost last, beating only Michigan and Mississippi.

An excerpt from the news release with link to the report at the jump.

“California's labor performance during the past five years is among the worst-performing in the nation, ranking 48th and besting only Michigan and Mississippi, according to a report released Wednesday.

“Think tank Pacific Research Institute's study found that the state ranked a mediocre 24th among all states in its ability to expand the economy and incomes; in the bottom 20 for private-sector employment growth; in the bottom 20 for the length of unemployment; and in the bottom 20 for the average unemployment rate.

“California’s current economic woes are often blamed on the national recession,” said Jason Clemens, PRI director of research. “But the state’s suffering precedes the current cyclical downturn. California’s mired economic structure has been hampering growth for years.”