Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kevin Starr on California

The great historian and one of the most astute observers of our fair state was interviewed recently by Capital Public Radio, as their press release notes.

An excerpt.

“Aired 8/14/2009 on All Things Considered

“(Sacramento, CA)

“State lawmakers face some big challenges ahead as they return to work Monday (08.17.09) following a three-week summer recess.

“They’ll be focused on the state’s overcrowded prison system, budget constraints, and possibly the elusive issue of water.

“But, a historian says another enormous task lies ahead: getting California out of the recession and restoring the state as a land of opportunity.

“Kevin Starr is a former state librarian who’s written a series of eight books on California history. His latest book was just published and it focuses on California’s so-called “Age of Abundance” from 1950 to 1963.

“Starr recently spoke with Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley.”