Sunday, September 13, 2009

Registered Sex Offenders Camping in the Parkway ?

While watching the rerun of the September 8, 2009 Sacramento County board meeting on the Parkway funding problems yesterday, I heard a startling comment from Parkway Ranger Tim McElheney, who is assigned to the illegal camping detail in the lower end of the Parkway.

This is the area which we have been advocating be cleaned up for years as the illegal camping there has been a real public safety issue for those families in the adjacent communities.

Ranger Tim said that there were about 20 registered sex offenders camping in the Parkway and he talked to one of them who said his probation officer told him to camp there "Until the rangers kick you out".

The ranger said he got the impression, after talking to probation officers, that there is no other place to send them.

For the video of this exchange go here and find the September 8, 2009 agenda item and click on view video and the exchange with Ranger Tim starts at 2:17 pm.