Monday, September 21, 2009

Sacramento’s Tent City

This Sunday column from the Sacramento Bee on the homelessness situation in Sacramento seems pretty close to what is apparently happening, and that would be a sad day for the continued lack of public safety in the Lower Reach region of the Parkway which is probably where the tent city will be located.

One hopes that our public leadership discovers the wherewithal to realize that legalizing and institutionalizing homelessness only intensifies the problem locally, rather than solving it.

We have provided some ideas for solutions in our research report from 2005, The American River Parkway Lower Reach Area: A Corroded Crown Jewel, Restoring the Luster.(pages 25-49); and in our 2008 report, The American River Parkway: Recreation, Education & Sanctuary, (pages 35-36).

An excerpt from the Sunday Sacramento Bee column.

“The smell of urine may be coming to a corner near you.

“Sacramento seems on its way to becoming a city where homeless charity is an entrenched institution.

“The pieces are in place. Homeless advocates have legal backing. They are ruthless and motivated.

“They are poised to take advantage of a leadership vacuum at City Hall.

“And high-profile members of Sacramento's faith community are disengaged or supportive of a legalized tent city downtown.

“On Tuesday, a judge will hear arguments on a temporary restraining order to stop the homeless from illegally camping at 13th and C streets.”