Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tent City Site Close to Parkway?

As the campground on the city lot closes, the other site being discussed for a legal tent city—if the city chooses, tragically, to go that route—is closer to the Parkway, ensuring the continued degradation and increasing the already unsafe conditions in that area of the Parkway for families from the adjacent communities and other Parkway users venturing into it.

An excerpt from the article from the Sacramento Bee.

“As quickly as it sprang up on a midtown Sacramento lot, a small but controversial homeless encampment was swept away over the weekend.

“But the issue likely won't be out of sight for long.

“City officials and homeless advocates said Monday that they were moving forward on a proposal to construct a larger "safe ground" homeless camp than the one near 13th and C streets that had become a symbol of the debate over whether a sanctioned campground should be permitted. The site of that proposed safe ground is still being debated, but it appears a lot near the Volunteers of America facility on Bannon Street, north of downtown, tops the list. A proposal for that site includes a privately funded campground of cabana-style sheds for up to 60 people.”