Monday, January 29, 2007

From Flood to Drought

It’s dry out there and water storage becomes the mantra rather than flood control but the answer is the same, we need more of it.

Dry weather on track to break January record
Rain gauge shows .88 inches of rain this month in Auburn
By: Penne Usher, Journal Staff Writer
Sunday, January 28, 2007 9:53 PM PST

If the weather pattern continues through Wednesday in the Auburn area, January could go into the records books as the driest in more than a century.

Jared Leighton, forecaster for the National Weather Service's Sacramento office, said Sunday that the record, set in the 1888/1889 season could be broken this year.

"Back then we had a total of .15 inches in the Sacramento area," Leighton said. "This year, to date, we've had .07 inches in the area."

The unofficial rain totals, based on a roof-mounted rain gauge at the Journal, indicate that in January 2006 a total of 4.26 inches of rain fell. For the same time period in 2007, the area has received about .88 inches.

"This is one of the driest seasons on record," Leighton said. "Unless we get some rain before the end of the month it will mean we are setting a really old record."