Saturday, July 25, 2009

Budget Deal & Parks

According to this story from the Los Angeles Times, it appears the deal will pull money from local governments that are now used to help parks, among others, so we will have to wait for the details, but it probably means even more pain for the Parkway.

An excerpt.

“Schwarzenegger appeared ready to overlook those flaws because Democrats acceded to several of his demands: not to raise taxes; to reorganize state boards and commissions; to place new sanctions on welfare recipients who don't meet work requirements; to increase oversight of home healthcare aides to root out fraud; and other measures he said would reform state government.

“The governor said those changes would ultimately save taxpayers $5 billion a year.

“Democrats appeared pleased once the bruising battle had ended, though they had made cuts in services for California's poor and vulnerable citizens that they said would have been unthinkable in years past.

“The reductions would lead to the loss of health insurance for many children, home healthcare for thousands of seniors, the end of welfare checks for many low-income families and the closure of as many as 50 state parks.

“Local governments would lose nearly $2 billion that they rely on to operate their own parks, law enforcement and transportation programs. Schools would take a multibillion-dollar hit.”