Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eppies Great Race

One of Sacramento’s wonderful traditions, attracting people from far and wide, is Eppie's triathlon on the Parkway, and it is on board for later this month as reported by the Rancho Cordova Post.

An excerpt.

“Some of us cringe at the thought of running 6 miles. Then add in cycling over 12 miles… No thanks. If that isn’t enough for your morning work out, try paddling for another 6 miles. While many would prefer to cheer from the sidelines, others will challenge themselves in what may be the oldest triathlon in the world. Every year, Eppie’s Great Race turns the American River Parkway along Rancho Cordova into an all out triathlon.

“On Saturday, July 18th, athletes will turn out for Eppie’s Great Race; a triathlon including a 5.82 mile run, 12.5 mile cycle, and 6.35 mile paddle. The start times begin at 8, and the adaptive divisions (one person must have a disability) begin just two minutes earlier. There are many team divisions to choose from, where different people take on their own individual leg of the race. The ironpersons division is for the hard core triathlete who will take on each leg on their own.”