Thursday, July 09, 2009

Electric Cycles

A very cool ride was introduced Sunday in Oregon.

An excerpt.

“It's official: the Brammo Enertia, a much-hyped electric urban commuter bike, hit a Best Buy store yesterday in Portland, Oregon, and will expand to other locations nationwide soon. The $11,995 Enertia probably won't fly off the shelves like DVD players and televisions, but it's part of a growing push by the store to move into electric vehicle sales. And even though Best Buy has been selling eight models of electric bikes, scooters, and Segways at 21 West Coast stores since May, the Enertia is the crown jewel on the store's line of EVs. Best Buy has invested $10 million in Brammo and is even training in-store Geek Squad members to service the bikes.

“Why the Enertia? The bike, which goes up to 50 mph and charges in three hours from a regular outlet, is an entry-level vehicle suitable for beginners and advanced riders. So while the price may not be right for casual browsers, it's an enticing option for first-time motorcycle buyers.”