Monday, July 20, 2009

Rancho Cordova Vision

Ted Gaebler, city manger of Rancho Cordova, one of the most astute and skilled pubic administrators in our region, further validated by the national award he just won, explains his vision for Rancho Cordova in this story from the Rancho Cordova Post.

An excerpt.

“City Manager Ted Gaebler has a dream for Rancho Cordova, and it is one he is intent on fulfilling.

"Gaebler, who just won the ICMA Career Development Award and is also the best-selling author of “Reinventing Government,” spoke to members of the Cordova Community Council yesterday at their monthly luncheon about how the government behind the city is run and where he sees it going in the future.

“We specifically set out not to build a government that would start out being disrespectful,” he said. “They wanted me to create a community that we can be proud of.”

“When Gaebler joined the city in Oct. 2003, the City Council charged him with helping to shape the way their government would grow.

“Their aim was to create ”a city government that has never existed before in California,” he said.

“That’s been in writing for six years, and it guides what we as a staff do. We’re trying to create something that gets back to the luster, joy and hope and aspirations that Americans have for their institutions.”

“He described the government he and the City Council set out to create as “different, more respected and less bureaucratic,” as well as more flexible and innovative.”