Friday, July 03, 2009

On the River

The Sacramento Bee has a great article on kayaking on the American River, surely a nice weekend venture; and though its not going to be above the 100 degree mark that makes for a perfect July 4th on the river, it will be plenty warm and should be a really great day.

An excerpt.

“You know you want to.

“You've watched with envy as those kayakers glide down the American River on a hot summer day.

“But you still haven't tried it? Didn't know how to get started or where to launch from?

“Your worries are over. Just in time for the long Fourth of July weekend, here's a how-to guide to running the American below Lake Natoma. This isn't meant for experts. It's for anyone who can swim, has some common sense and wants to take advantage of one of the region's finest attractions.

“Let's get started.

“The basics

“Don't be an idiot. Wear a life jacket. Seriously. There isn't a more important thing to know about kayaking here. It may look shallow and slow and safe. It isn't. There are strong currents, deep holes and tricky spots all along it. Get a life jacket. Put it on.

“Get a kayak. There are plenty of options out there, rentals, used boats, inflatables, the ones you sit inside, the ones you sit on top of. Decide which one suits you best.

“The sit-upons are easier to crawl back on top of if you fall in. The ones you sit inside of protect you from the water better and can be used year-round, even in winter. You can find a kayak and paddle starting around $200.”