Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Green Desalination

From Greece, where so many great things have come.

An excerpt.

Greece builds world's first environment-friendly desalination platform

Greece has built the world's first autonomous, environment-friendly and floating desalination platform, the semi-official ANA news agency reported on Wednesday.

The first floating desalination platform in the world, widely used in the Aegean Sea, was built entirely based on Greek know-how, design and construction, the report said.

The wind generator produces the necessary energy being used to turn sea water into drinking water and it is built in such a way that can operate in the most adverse weather conditions, while the platform can be moved to different islands to supply them with drinking water, it added.

This undertaking has a major ecological dimension as well, because wind as an energy source reduces to zero any unfavorable environmental consequences.

In northern Europe, offshore wind farms are gaining ground with the windmill bases being cemented to the bottom of the shallow sea.

The floating wind farms, however, can be a solution in the Mediterranean, Japan or the United States where the sea is deep and the winds are very strong, it said.

Source: Xinhua