Friday, October 27, 2006

Walter: One Cityhood Quest Stalls

Looks like this one is in pause mode.

An excerpt.

Bob Walter: Cityhood quest is on back burner
- Published 12:00 am PDT Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cityhood move on ice: It hasn't exactly been on the front page or leading the TV news shows, but the movement to turn Orangevale, Fair Oaks and, maybe, Gold River into a city is going to become even less public.

The small band of proponents who have been studying the idea decided last week to halt regular meetings and leave the studying to a few individuals.

"It's not suspended forever," spokesman Bob Walters told my colleague, Lakiesha McGhee. "It's just on the back burner until there's something to bring forward to the community."

Bob said the effort faced some huge hurdles -- more than $200,000 of them even before a presumably costly election campaign could be plotted.

The suspension was welcome news for Bill Miller, 35-year Fair Oaks resident and retired administrator with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department who has spearheaded the opposition to cityhood for more than a year.

He immediately started spreading the news and, by last week, had received more than 30 gleeful letters and e-mails from supporters.

But Bill said his Save Our Village group is not going away any time soon:

"They have met their nemesis, and I will be here, along with ... other Save Our Village supporters, until we drive the final nail into the merger and incorporation coffin." ...