Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bike Trail Detour Announcement

Bike trail detour modified
- Bee Metro Staff
Published 12:00 am PDT Saturday, April 7, 2007

A detour of the American River Parkway bike trail put in place because of last month's railroad trestle fire has been modified.

The trail has been closed temporarily between Mile 3.5 and Mile 6 because of cleanup and rebuilding efforts on the rail line.

The detour is expected to be modified again by the end of next week to stay within the parkway. For updates, call (916) 875-6672 or visit

The existing detour requires riders traveling downstream, or west, to exit the trail at the Ethan Way trail spur, go west on Ethan Way along the levee top behind Cal Expo, take the levee top to the paved down ramp at Cal Expo's west parking lot, take Tribute Road to Exposition Boulevard, turn left onto Exposition Boulevard, and turn left onto the bike trail spur back into the parkway.

Riders traveling upstream, or east, need to take the trail spur at the 3.5 mile marker to Exposition Parkway, turn right on Exposition Parkway, turn right on Tribute Road into the Cal Expo parking lot, use the paved levee access (the second ramp up), and take the levee to the Ethan Way trail spur, where they should take a right.