Monday, April 23, 2007

Sacramento Makes List

The continuing popularity of our fair city and the region to which it is central bodes well for our economy and our natural resources, all of which can benefit from increased funding.

A recent report has the Parkway falling behind $1.5 million a year in basic maintenance and it needs another $8.5 million a year for at least ten years to catch up in facility upgrades, land acquisition, public safety staffing, and additional enhancements it needs to regain its status as "crown jewel".

Capital is 'hot' business city
By Jon Ortiz - Bee Staff Writer
Published 12:00 am PDT Monday, April 23, 2007

Sacramento ranks 15th on Inc. magazine's "Hottest Places To Do Business" list of top 20 large cities. The River City is California's only representative on the list, sandwiched between No. 14, Nashville, Tenn., and 16th-place Austin, Texas. Las Vegas finished first.

The magazine's May issue is on sale today.

Inc. defined "large cities" as those with an employment base of 450,000 or more, and its researchers focused on job growth data to measure a region's economic strength.

When matched against 393 U.S. cities of all sizes, Sacramento dropped to 108 in the nation, just ahead of Brownsville, Texas, and just behind Shreveport, La. First place overall went to St. George, Utah, population 50,000. The Riverside-San Bernardino area ranked highest on the overall list among California cities, placing 26th. Other California cities of note: San Diego (164), Fresno, (223), Oakland (230), Los Angeles (283), San Francisco (317) and San Jose (356). The lists are online at