Saturday, April 14, 2007

Senator & Governor Agree

In what could be a great boost to the water infrastructure plans of the governor, one of our US Senators agrees with his plan.

Senator Feinstein Endorses Governor Schwarzenegger's Water Infrastructure
Author: Office of the Governor
Published on Apr 12, 2007, 08:15

Senator Dianne Feinstein today endorsed Governor Schwarzenegger's $6 billion water infrastructure plan at a meeting today in Washington D.C. The two met to discuss California's major environmental and water infrastructure issues and her introduction of a national Low Carbon Fuel Standard consistent with the Governor's call to implement this groundbreaking policy at the federal level.

"I am very pleased to receive Senator Feinstein's support for this critically-needed water infrastructure plan to address California's growing water needs that include storage, conveyance and conservation," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "Today's announcement proves that California's water needs are not a partisan issue."

The Governor outlined his $6 billion plan, Senate Bill 59 authored by Senator Dave Cogdill, to build more surface and groundwater storage, protect the Delta and promote conservation measures statewide. The proposal includes $4.5 billion for increased water storage, $1 billion for Delta sustainability, and $450 million for conservation and restoration projects.