Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Parkway Trail Dangers

These experiences, plus many involving bikers and walkers, really point to an increasingly important need for a separate pedestrian trail on the Parkway.

Letters to the editor
Published 12:00 am PDT Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Menaces, leashed or unleashed

Recently, on the American River Parkway bike path, an unleashed dog took off after another dog and took my bike and me down -- hard.

After a fuzzy minute or three, I regained my feet, and dimly saw a two-legged critter some 20 yards away, belatedly holding his dog by its collar, looking my way and hoping I would do what I did: get up and ride away, leaving him with unleashed pet and unlitigated liability.

My wife drove me to the nearest emergency room. Cost, with insurance: $50 for emergency room X-rays of head and shoulder; $80 for a new helmet to replace my old one; plus road rash on my left knee, hip, elbow and shoulder.

Now, I thank owners of leashed dogs, growl at owners of unleashed dogs -- and just shake my head at bikers without helmets.

In thoughtless hands, even leashes can be dangerous: I know a biker who was almost garroted by a leashed dog and owner, standing blithely on opposite sides of the bike trail!

- Jim Schoning, Sacramento