Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rancho Cordova’s Annexation

Clearing up an oversight in the original city formation, Rancho Cordova moves to bring a piece of land within its city boundaries.

Rancho Cordova moves on annexation
Published 12:00 am PDT Wednesday, July 4, 2007

City Council members moved Monday night to annex 748 acres that many say should have been part of the city from its inception.

The formal application to extend the northeastern city limits came a day after the city's fourth birthday.

Planning Director Paul Junker said that due to complications associated with incorporation, the acreage was not included in the original boundaries, although the area traditionally has identified with the Rancho Cordova community.

The property is bounded by Sunrise Boulevard to the west, Highway 50 to the north, Hazel Avenue to the east and portions of Sanders Drive, Gold Valley Drive and White Rock Road to the south, as well as portions of the Folsom South Canal to the south and east.

"This will close a gap in the city's boundary that should never have existed," Junker said. "It is a much more logical boundary."

Planner Eric Norris said the annexation is supported by most of the property owners in the area.

Junker said existing land uses would be allowed to continue, and in some cases expand, while new zoning designations would allow more opportunity for mixed-use development.