Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sacramento Flood Control

The idea of shunting flooding waters into bypasses north of Sacramento to prevent Sacramento from flooding has opposition.

Aanestad Objects to “Dangerous” Flood Control Bill
California Political Desk
August 28, 2007
Senator Denounces AB 930 “Irresponsible Land Grab”

SACRAMENTO: Senator Sam Aanestad (R-Grass Valley) is raising the red flag in response to a flood control measure that is moving through the State Legislature, and appears poised to pass its final test this week or next in the State Senate. Aanestad says he will object to AB 930 during Senate debates and also urge the Governor to veto the bill, which could pose devastating consequences for the rural areas he represents in Northern California.

AB 930 would authorize the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFECA) to purchase flood control easements outside of their jurisdictional boundaries as part of their overall flood protection plan. Senator Aanestad believes the measure can turn Sutter, Yuba, Colusa and Butte Counties into giant flood control basins so Sacramento can be protected against the threat of future flooding.

“AB 930 is nothing more than a land control grab from Sacramento that would infringe upon and put a stop to local land use decisions in counties north of Sacramento,” said Senator Aanestad. “Allowing SAFECA to purchase easements in Northern California will prevent the levee repairs we so desperately need, and will prevent the construction of future communities.”

Senator Aanestad notes the bill is opposed by the Family Water Alliance and the Sutter County Taxpayers Association, for good reasons. AB 930 takes the focus off the real problem with flood control efforts in the north state – which are deteriorating levees and a lack of storage. Aanestad says the measure would turn much of his district into a “sacrificial lamb,” in the effort to keep Sacramento “high and dry.”

Aanestad says allowing SAFECA to purchase easements on property north of Sacramento would give them the right to flood wide stretches of Northern California during wet rainfall years.