Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Body Found in Parkways’ Lower Reach: More News

A follow-up report from Fox News on the body found in the Parkway, in the crime-ridden Lower Reach area.

See our 2005 report on the Lower Reach at http://www.arpps.org/report.pdf

An Excerpt.

Body Found
August 28, 2006

SACRAMENTO — A man's body was found lying in the bushes near a popular bike path in North Sacramento. Police have ruled out natural causes in his death.

The body was found on Del Paso Boulevard near Highway 160 at three o'clock Monday afternoon by a man walking on the overpass above.

He called for help, and Crime Scene Investigators quickly joined other officers in closing off the area. But what happened to the man isn't clear. It appears his death happened within the last 24 hours or so. But his body is in such poor shape, its hard to determine whether or not he was killed.

The body was found only feet from a busy bike path filled with families. But at night locals say it can get dangerous here. Brett Holdaway frequents the bike path and said, "I've been jumped several times in this vicinity."

In the past, Holdaway said he's been surrounded by thugs and, "The next thing you know you're cut off, they'll direct you off the trail, and ask to empty your pockets."

Sometimes they get violent. He worries the victim may have not suffered a natural death, "that concerns me thats still going on. I try to look out for other people, we have a buddy system."

The coroner will have to take a closer look at the body to see if there are clearer signs of murder. Although police do add, bodies have been found in this area of thick vegetation before.