Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Over 6 Million Salmon in the American

According to a draft report (figures could change) from the Department of Fish & Game.

Juvenile Salmonid Emigration Program Update of August 10, 2006:

“Sampling at the Lower American River site officially ended the sampling season on 30 June 2006. Overall, a total of 84,259 fall-run-sized and 765 late-fall-run-sized juvenile salmon were collected (race determined by size-at-time criteria) from 27 January to 30 June 2006. In addition, 142 juvenile steelhead were collected from 5 April to 28 June 2006. The mean trap efficiency has been 1.3%^. The number of collected salmon divided by the mean efficiency gives us a rough estimate of 6,540,307 emigrating salmon.”