Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Golden Necklace, Delta to Bay Connection

Great California Delta Trail's bill information from the commission overseeing it.

An excerpt.

Delta Protection Commission
DPC Holding Focused Meetings on Delta Trails Concept

Senator Tom Torlakson is sponsoring a bill – SB 1556 (The Great California Delta Trail) – which would require the Delta Protection Commission to facilitate establishment of a continuous recreation corridor, including bicycle and hiking trails, around the perimeter of the Delta, utilizing existing funds from local transportation planning agencies.

The legislation authorizes the local transportation planning entities that allocate funds to cities and counties with jurisdiction or a sphere of influence in the Delta to allocate funds to the Delta Protection Commission for the development of a system of trails around the Delta. The Delta Trail system would be linked to the existing San Francisco Bay Trails system.In the past, the Commission in cooperation with other recreation planning entities and consultants has conducted surveys, the results of which indicate that among other unmet recreational needs in the Delta is a system of pedestrian and bicycle trails. It is believed that the establishment of a trails system in the Delta will aid in connecting people with this unique natural resource, provide exceptional recreational opportunities to surrounding urban areas, and serve to help alleviate the growing problem of obesity among the State’s citizens.