Monday, May 19, 2008

Be Careful & Have Fun

This is river time for many Sacramentans and we need to remember that it can be as dangerous—as we see on our two rivers—out there as joyful and remembering basic river safety rules can keep us happily in the latter.

And how about those sweet Delta breezes coming in last night, a nice cool down, but the heat is sure nice too, and there is great news about the Delta King being remodeled and getting ready to get back in the river, one of Sacramento’s finest treats is riding up the Sacramento on it, and maybe having an evening dinner on the way.

We couldn’t agree more with the editorial in the Bee this morning that the arena finally appears to be located in the right spot, handled by the right people, and is just a triple win for all. If all goes well with design and placement, there might even be a view of the river from some of the seats.

And of course, it being summer, there will continue to be struggles around air pollution, especially in Southern California, but it all shouldn’t affect our enjoyment of the summer, though the water looks a tad low, and the heat maybe a bit high, it still looks like a very nice summer coming up for all of us.

Finally, is it any wonder that some folks get upset with the environmental movement when, as in this case during hurricane recovery efforts in Florida, rodent's "rights" trump those of human beings?

Enjoy, and stay cool.