Friday, May 23, 2008

From Global to Greyhound

One of the best thinkers out there around the issue of global warming is Bjorn Lomborg and he penned this great article reminding us of the real catastrophes we could consider dealing with on an emergency basis, and global warming barely makes the list.

This is truly the kind of thinking we would be blessed to have from more public leaders.

Some very good thinking also comes from Europe around energy issues, and with its focus on cap and trade, plug in electric vehicles and other ideas, primarily grounded in market approaches to the energy issue, reminds us that regional and global energy cooperation really is beginning to shape itself, and that is a very good thing.

An award winning program to help women who have survived domestic violence, and their families, is The Grateful Thread, where discarded fabric items are unraveled and the thread is rewoven into marketable goods, an incredibly creative method of recycling and the rebuilding of lives.

We offered an idea—and had several meetings about it—in 2005 to involve the homeless in Parkway cleanup as a money making business in our report about the illegal camping in the Parkway’s lower reach, the ARPPS Homeless Job Training Project, see pages 34-36 for more information.

There hasn’t really been much follow up with it, which is too bad, as it has been working very well in New York as the Ready Willing and Able program that has won many awards for getting the chronic homeless—the same population of folks who make up the majority of those who camp illegally on the Parkway—back into the working life.

A new poll on the Sacramento mayoral race is out and there was a great one-on-one debate last night between the top two candidates, very informative and should be presented as an encore.

Elk Grove has petitioned to expand its boundaries southward, and there are some other local areas that are real hot for real estate sales, very good news for us all; and we are reminded that in the good-for-the-community move of the Greyhound Bus Depot to the Richards Blvd. area, we should not forget to make sure bus service goes to the new location regularly, to help those who take the bus, primarily low income folks, get there without difficulty.

Great weekend coming up, enjoy!