Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sewage Spills & the Auburn Dam,

This is pretty gross news from the Sacramento Business Journal:

“The Sacramento Area Sewer District faces a fine of $201,000 for about 886,000 gallons of raw sewage that spilled into Arcade Creek and other surface waters from Nov. 2, 2006 through April 14, 2008. The largest spill happened on Feb. 13, when more than 700,000 gallons spilled into Arcade Creek after a pipeline bridging the creek collapsed.

“The sewer district serves much of unincorporated Sacramento County, Citrus Heights and parts of Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova.”

And certainly reminds those of us who haven’t yet done so, filter or buy your drinking water.

There is another move to shut down the Auburn Dam—which is still an approved project—and the California Republican congressional delegation recently sent a letter in opposition.