Sunday, May 25, 2008

Texas, Potemkin, & Valley Air

It looks like the biofuel movement, of which ethanol is the main ingredient, has caused some economic problems in Texas around the cost of corn as cattle feed, and very probably also, contributing to the increase in food prices, and the EPA is being asked to stand down for a year, at least in Texas.

There is also a good argument being made, once again, to relook our dependence on fossil fuel and step up our investment in electric/ethanol cars, nuclear/wind/other alternative forms of commercial energy and all of this is doable, but it takes leadership rather than partnership, don’t hold your breath, but don’t lose hope either.

This article in City Journal suggests the environmentalism of our governor is more like the fake village of Potemkin the Soviets used to show visitors to their country how wonderful it was, but it was all a faced, only a fa├žade, and a 2005 article from the same magazine reminds us why we need to get with it on nuclear power.

New air rules for the valley area appear to be a very good thing, and if we are all lucky could result in the long-stalled bridge and road development to move the auto traffic around the area a little more efficiently and reduce the stalls that generate even more air pollution; as well as increasing the use of transit for those folks who are able to cope with the insecurity of time schedules and insufficiently policed fellow passengers that can cause some safety concerns; which appear to be two of the reasons transit isn’t used more.