Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life Jackets, Bikes & A Deficit

Local government is considering requiring life jackets for those people who are in our rivers, and it does make sense as the currents, rapids, and old holes from long-ago river dredging for gold are impossible to anticipate and protect against if you get caught in one, so yes, let’s be safer out there.

And, also being considered is allowing bikes on the K Street Mall during the Big Fix on I-5, which makes great sense, and even better to think about making it permanent, but creating a bike lane to protect bikers and pedestrians.

Sacramento city deficit is seen as ballooning to $200 million in the near future, big enough to ask what’s been going on and how can we fix it; and it is good to hear about this during a mayoral election, when voters have the option of bringing in new leadership if they agree the problems lie with the current team.