Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Economy, Parkway, Bikes & Transparency.

What we see locally we also see nationally as the US makes it five years in a row it is ranked number one in global competitiveness.

Goethe Park has officially been renamed River Bend Park, a very nice name, descriptive of its location and setting in a big bend of the river in Rancho Cordova.

Bikes on K Street were being discussed to help commuters during the big fix but that plan has apparently been squashed. Too bad, it is a good idea and one that should be resurrected on a permanent basis, though you would certainly need some form of wall to protect bikers from walkers.

And, speaking of the big fix, here is a tentative schedule for the work due to start in two days, yikes!

The Sacramento Bee did a very informative test of the openness of several local governments and came away with some surprising answers which let us know we still have a way to go to get governments to follow their own laws requiring transparency in the conducting of the public’s business.