Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Housing, Boulevard, Parks, and Arena

A prominent global warming scientist has apparently changed his position after new research he conducted, as this story from CBS notes.

Del Paso Boulevard, the main street of a wonderfully intact community that was once the city of North Sacramento, is slowly coming back, in a new way, but still is struggling with old problems, like the bike riding stabber.

Our state parks make a list of endangered places, and as with the Parkway, it is still a struggle for the public agencies that manage parks and open space to realize that it is time to move beyond increasing taxes to pay for parks and look to the type of public private partnerships that work so well with places like Central Park in New York and the Sacramento Zoo.

The premier parks are the ones that have the best chance to develop philanthropic efforts to help fund them, but even the less well-known can build a strong community support network with the proper work and management.

It takes a change in thinking we hope to soon see at the state level and here with our Parkway.

Home sales are up big time in Sacramento and it is great news, though the depressed housing market bas been quite good for the organizations, like habitat for Humanity, to buy price depressed properties real cheaply and help get more low income people into homes, a very good thing.

The arena effort at Cal Expo, right next to the parkway, is moving along very nicely and it appears to be the best location, with all of the right people lined up, to actually become a reality, which would do wonders for the Point West area and the region.