Friday, May 30, 2008

Funding, Big Fix, & New York

Our first guiding principle is:

(1) Preserving the Parkway is not an option, it’s a necessity.

We specify the funding support to be able to act on this principle as creating a public/private partnership with a nonprofit organization to manage the Parkway—contracting with a Joint Powers Authority of local government—which could raise supplemental funding philanthropically.

In the face of today’s article in the Bee noting that perhaps $900,000 might be cut by Sacramento County from the Parks Department—which runs the Parkway—our solution might look more attractive.

The Big Fix starts tonight and for those who have to use the 1-5 freeway or related arteries, the crush might be huge.

The New York firm that has done so much work in Sacramento gets another big job and it reminds us that the value of the development of the private and public sector in one of our nation’s oldest cities is well worth looking to for particular expertise.

We also have looked to them for guidance on how to manage and develop supplemental funding for our Parkway and have found it in the Central Park Conservancy, the public private partnership that has virtually saved Central Park.

A press release from January 18, 2008 on our news page (second one down) goes into more detail on the plan we propose to provide supplemental Parkway funding.