Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bigger Airport

Today’s Bee article notes the vote:

"Workers at the airport are expected to break ground next month on perhaps the biggest public works project in Sacramento history.

"Acree, Schutten and Sacramento County's Board of Supervisors have designed a gleaming four-story steel-and-glass terminal in the center of the airport to replace Terminal B.

"It will be backed by a hotel tower. A people-mover tram will take riders to a 19-gate concourse on the airfield. A second parking garage will serve the new terminal...

"Led by Sacramento's dominant carrier, Southwest, resident airlines charge Acree with twisting their arms to pay more than they should for what they think will be an oversized facility...

"The airlines last week pleaded with county supervisors, asking them to rethink the financing. Supervisors instead voted to increase fees 45 percent."