Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Details: Warming, Transit & Housing

The Senate is starting to look at a global warming related bill that would create a cap and trade policy regarding pollution and the details of it are significant, could cause real economic problems and redistribute income around the country in ways that many of those affected may not enjoy; all of which calls for some serious debate, which we will hopefully see over the next several months.

A major piece of the mass transit system in the United States is the airline industry and how they manage their companies says a lot about the impact of the experience of individuals using their mass transit, and one of them has written a book about it, an angry book.

Affordable housing, whether it is for the chronic homeless, or the working poor, is an issue each community wishing to be other than an exclusive enclave, needs to address and Sacramento has long chosen inclusiveness over exclusiveness.

It is a choice that always needs expression and expansion; and city wide affordable housing regulations do make sense to allow all developers a share in the process.